Oh, So Glam: Beauty Counter


Oh, how I love discovering new beauty brands. And even better when the brand promotes natural/non-toxic skincare! I've long been a huge proponent of knowing about the ingredients that are in your beauty products, and companies like Beauty Counter make the education aspect not only simple, but super chic.

beauty counter2

Beauty Counter offers a large range of products from hair and body care, to skin care, and lipsticks. Isn't the packaging gorgeous? You'd never guess you were using a natural skincare brand! I'm dying to try their shampoo, the Lustro oil face line, and their sunscreen. It's SO hard to find a sunscreen that doesn't rely on gross chemical blockers (read: like basically every drugstore sunscreen out there), and Beauty Counter's seems like a great one! The company even lists the EWG rating for all of their products, right on each product page (in case you've never checked it out, the EWG Skin Deep database rates the health safety of ingredients found in beauty and cosmetic products, as well as virtually every beauty product on the market!).

You can learn more about all Beauty Counter's products here, and learn more about the company philosophy here.

beauty counter3

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