Oh, So Glam: Commodity Goods


Talk about a hot commodity. I recently came across the new perfume brand Commodity Goods, and have been totally hooked ever since. First of all – hello, packaging. Commodity’s line is broken up into men’s and women’s fragrances, with contrasting labels to indicate whether a scent is feminine or masculine. Trust me when I say these simple, chic bottles look stunning when displayed on a dresser, nightstand, or bathroom vanity.

Commodity’s perfumes all have simple names that describe each scent’s overall experience — think names like “Mimosa” and “Tea” and “Paper.” You spritz a bit of the “Paper” scent onto your wrist, and indeed, the fragrance is ghostly, ethereal, barely there — like fresh paper. The same is true for scents like “Dew,” and “Rain,” where you spray, sniff, and immediately say, “Yes, that totally smells like rain!”

All of Commodity's eau de parfums can be ordered in their Fitting Kit, a $9 package of testers that allow you to experience each fragrance a few times over, before deciding which one you like the best and placing an order. And, insider secret: once you place an order for the Fitting Kit, you'll also get a discount on the full-size bottles of the perfumes — the new price will appear on the website the next time you visit!

In the end, while I was mesmerized by several of Commodity's fragrances, for my first one, I ended up ordering Tea. Which is fitting, seeing as how I am writing this will sipping my third cup of the day. Runners up included Magnolia and Moss — I'm planning on putting these on my holiday wish list!

Which scent would you want to try out?