Oh, So Glam: Vanilla Extract


In “Oh So Glam”, we’ll be asking our favorite bloggers and tastemakers to describe what glam means to them. In a nutshell, what is the essence of glamour?

Name: Nichole Ciotti

Blog Name:Vanilla Extract

City: San Francisco, CA

Fave Designer: Alexander Wang

How do you define glamorous,and to you, what is the essence of glamour? 

“I think glamour is about being comfortable in your own skin. When you master that (and it's not easy), you have this air about you that says, “I have arrived.” It becomes less about clothes and more about attitude. I feel just as glamorous eating filet mignon and drinking champagne in my pajamas as I do wearing a beaded gown at a prestigious event.”

Victoria McGinley is the editor of vmac+cheese, a New York City based daily lifestyle blog that covers plenty of topics to delight and inspire, including style, design, art, culture, beauty, and original recipes. A native of Austin, TX, she’s blogged since 2008, and in early 2012, launched Vivaleur, a graphic design and blog consulting company. When she’s not blogging or working with clients, you can find her exploring New York with her husband Joe, and their French bulldog, Lucy.