Okay, James, You Have Our Attention Now


Finally, James Franco has found a project that will ensure the kind of publicity he’s been trying to get lately. Franco has chosen to forego Instagram in favor of film for his latest publicity stunt—we mean, project. Call it what you may, TheWrap reports that the James Franco documentary is nearing completion from first-time director Lisa Vangellow, and will follow a year in the professional and personal life of the Oscar-nominated actor. Actor Seth Rogan and curator of New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Klaus Biesenbach are expected to appear in the film, which is currently in early editing stages.

“Franco: A Documentary” began filming back in 2013, and we’re wondering what it’ll be like to see Franco’s rather “controversial exploits in academia and the art world [and] his conventional film career and Broadway debut” portrayed on the big screen. Similarly, we’re eager to see if the documentary will help us determine once and for all whether James’ life-imitating-art Instagram “scandal” (re: his recent film Palo Alto) really was a scandal at all. But at the end of the day, we’re not really sure what to expect at all because, well, he’s just kind of weird and unpredictable…in a lovable way, of course. But one thing’s for sure: he’s definitely got the public’s attention now.