Olivia is Wilde for Revlon

From Abercrombie & Fitch's “Rising Star” to her lead role as Dr. Remy Hadley on the Fox hit “House,” and the every role in between, Olivia Wilde is hot. Smoldering, in fact. It’s no wonder why the smokey-eyed starlet — along with funny woman Emma Stone — were announced as a Revlon Global Ambassadors last year. Since then, the Irish-American's beauty has accompanied ads for the brand’s ColorStay 16 Hour Eyeshadows and PhotoReady 3D Volume Mascara. We chatted with her about working with the makeup magnate and a few of her favorite beauty tools that keep her red-carpet ready.

How’s it been working with Revlon and representing the brand?

It’s been wonderful! I’ve had the chance to work with Gucci Westman, which is incredible. She is the creative director and does all our makeup for the shoots. She’s taught me so much about how to use the products. It’s wonderful because I get to see how much works goes into designing these products and I’m really fascinated by the whole process of designing these shades and packaging. So that’s been a lot of fun.

What are some of your favorite products from the company?

Speaking of Gucci, she came up with a beautiful summer collection that’s coming out in May, which is called Escapism. It is really cool since everyone’s starting to gear up for holiday season and go to tropical places. This whole collection is really inspired by that and all the colors of the tropics and St. Tropez. Gucci really nails the combo of colors that work. I find that it can be tricky to mix lip colors with eye shadows. I just have trouble which shades can go together, particularly with bronzers. It’s such a great look when done right, so this kit makes it really easy. It’s a really kind of luscious and yummy collection, so that’s one I’ll definitely be taking around with me this summer.

And where will you be headed off to?

I’m going to get to go to a little tropical vacation in June. I’m really excited!

You said you were really fascinated with the process and seeing Gucci work must be some great inspiration. Do you think you’ll ever want to collaborate with Revlon on a collection or start your own makeup line?

That’s an interesting idea. It’s been so much fun learning about these things, but I’d say I’m not a wiz off to create my own line, so for now I’ll just trust Gucci and the rest of the Revlon experts.

In 2009, you were voted number one on Maxim’s Hot 100 list, and you’ve obviously topped many people’s most beautiful ballots. Do you have any beauty secrets that you can share?

One of the products that I really like is the [Revlon] Smoky Shadow Stick because I think I look my best with a smoky eye. I won’t spend so much time doing my eye makeup. I don’t have all that time to just sit there and perfect a look, but the Smoky Shadow Stick really helps to put on a smoky eye and have it actually stay there and not form a huge crease all over your forehead… It’s like the other ColorStay products — it will last. For me that’s really great. I don’t really like to reapply makeup during the day to night. I may add to it for a night look, but I certainly don’t want to take off everything and put it back on, so [the] smoky shadow stick is great for that and it’s really blendable. With that I’d just wear mascara because that’s all you really need.

How do you think you speak to the Revlon woman and what the brand represents?

Well a reason why I think Revlon is a great fit for me is because they make products that look great and actually stay on and are easy to use. That’s what I’m really looking for in terms of beauty routine. Revlon makeup is for a busy woman who wants to look beautiful and wants to have fun with makeup but doesn’t have endless hours to sit there and reapply. It’s made for a modern woman and I’m really proud to represent that modern woman as an ambassador. It’s been a great fit so far, and like I said I’ve just had so much fun with it and learning about all these great new products is really a pleasure.

Check out Wilde in this behind-the-scenes shot for her Revlon PhotoReady 3D Mascara here.