On Shelves Soon: Christian Siriano for Payless Spring 2011

Ever since winning Project Runway, Christian Siriano has kept up his momentum. His partnerships with Victoria's Secret Beauty, Bluefly, and Payless keep him and his brand a favorite amongst the fiercest fashionistas (even Victoria Beckham is a fan!).

Siriano's latest venture with Payless doesn’t disappoint. The Spring/Summer 2001 collection is inspired by eclectic, ethnic styles from around the globe. Says Siriano, “My runway shoes for Spring 2011 meld cultural influences from Africa, India, and China together in a single design aesthetic. Since the apparel for spring is very feminine and pretty, I really wanted the shoes to form a harder, edgier contrast.”

The Shanghai collection features “chopstick” inspired wood heels on soles in the shape of a classic Chinese shoe. Some shoes feature signature Asian fabrics and are embellished with hints of Africa like braided jute trims.

Inspired by ancient Buddhist temples, the Mumbai collection displays a unique curved point heel design and tubular straps that cage the foot. These shoes are modeled in red and black.

Necklaces worn by the women of the Padaung Tribe of Southeast Asia served as the muse behind the Nairobi collection.

Talk about a statement shoe! This Payless collection is definitely saying something for a very friendly price! —Ivana Cepeda