On Shelves Soon: Material Girl Beauty

While we're obsessed with luxe designer cosmetics, many of us are still suckers for products dolled up in pretty packaging. Luckily we got our fix earlier this week when we were given a sneak peek at Madonna and daughter Lola's newest expansion to theirMaterial Girlbrand, Material Girl Beauty. At launch the line will include body washes, body lotions, body sprays, lip glosses, and glittery nail polishes.

We also learned that Lola is pretty hands on with Material Girl Beauty—all of the fragrant ingredients were hand-picked by Lola herself, and she gave the products their cheeky names, like Sinful Sugar and Sweet Baby Mint.

Pick up Material Girl Beauty at a Macy's near you starting August 15th. P.S.—Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their eyeshadow palettes which will launch in September!