On Shelves Soon: The Hunger Games Nail Polish Collection by China Glaze

File this under 'We thought OPI would be all over this one?!' We were wrong—China Glaze won this round.

Being that we're as obsessed with The Hunger Games trilogy as we are with the Twilight saga, surely you can imagine the excitement we felt when this little tidbit landed in our inbox… Next year's biggest blockbuster (which opens in theaters on March 23rd) is set to be preceded by a 12-piece China Glaze nail lacquer collection. Four matte hues and eight sparkly shades make up the set, all of which are a clever nod to Katniss, Gale, Peeta, and the entire District 12 crew.

Our favorites? Primrose (inspired by Katniss's sweet little sister), We Could Runaway, Fight to the Finish, Fire in Flight, and Baker's Son (inspired by Peeta).

Available in February 2012, we're certain this collection will fly off the shelves faster than you can say 'Happy Hunger Games!” Be sure to purchase your favorite hues early, and good luck—as Effie Trinket would say, “…May the odds be ever in your favor!”