OPI Creates Shades Worthy of a Web Slinger

We’ve always wanted to have superpowers since we were young in order to scale buildings without breaking a sweat, lift cars with little effort, stop the bad guys without getting injured, and rock a brightly colored costume. OPI created a limited edition collection to celebrate the release of The Amazing Spiderman in shimmering and vibrant hues perfect for any hero or villain visiting the nail salon. In the movie that hits theaters July 3rd, Andrew Garfield plays the famous web slinger from his origins as a high schooler who undergoes the radioactive transformation while looking for answers to his parents’ disappearance – all while trying to win the heart of Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone. With colors like the orange pop of “Call Me Gwen-ever,” the glittering “Just Spotted the Lizard,” and a chip-resistant formula, we’ll stick to these shades like web on a skyscraper for the rest of the summer.

The Amazing Spider-man Collection in Number One Nemesis, Your Web or Mine?, Just Spotted the Lizard!, Shatter the Scales, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, Into the Night, and Call Me Gwen-ever at OPI salons nationwide. To find an OPI salon near you, please visit OPI.com.