Oprah’s Hair Raising Cover!


A year after transitioning her hair back to a more natural texture, Oprah Winfrey is celebrating the move with more hair (lots more).

The media mogul fronted the September cover of her eponymous glossy in a 3.5 lbs. (about the size of a Chihuahua) wig for the issue dedicated to tresses. Named “Wild Thang,” the Chaka Khan and Diana Ross-inspired wig was borrowed from Kim Kimble, Beyoncé’s hairstylist, and arrived at the New York shoot in loads of bubble wrap.

In the issue that hits newsstands August 13th, O’s go-to stylist Andre Walker noted in the issue that hits newsstands August 13the that she regularly turns to hair pieces if she needs a ‘do in a snap. Oprah also touched on the topic in her editorial introduction, noting that they were great when her hair needed a rest from the intense styling it underwent when she was on camera. She loved the look so much she swapped it out as her her new Twitter avatar.

Natural hair expert and contributing editor, Patrice Grell Yursik, found the cover to be a great platform to talk about natural hair, but had reservations about the look serving as a gimmick to sell copies of the issue. “I appreciate her platform and her power, and I think it’s amazing whenever she shows the texture and the capabilities of her hair in its natural state,” she explained. “Having said that, the cover is a bit of a gimmick. [The reaction] is like ‘Wow, look at that crazy cover.’ I’m definitely going to go out and buy because I want to see what they’re actually going to talk about. I’m hoping that the content in the magazine is celebratory and informative. Natural hair is not a trend and it’s not a fad, and for many of us it’s not something you can take off whenever you feel like it.”

Though it’s an obvious exaggeration, we absolutely love the look! After all, who doesn’t like to let their hair down and let it fly free in all of its glory?