Organizational Tips to Start the New Year Off Right


Get fit. Spend more time with loved ones. Live in the present. Whatever your goal, New Years resolutions are important if you're looking for a fresh start. Our declaration for 2013 is to get our affairs, from work to social pursuits, more organized for a less stressful reality. Interested in jumping on the band wagon? Here are some tips!

The first step, and the hardest one a that, is to get motivated. Remember, talk is cheap. Taking action shows you're serious. The first day is always the hardest! But remember, if you push through it'll soon become habit.

After you've gotten yourself in the right mindset, it's time to create a routine and schedule for yourself that you're willing to stick to and that is also realistic for your lifestyle. In other words, if you're going to make a promise to yourself to stop with the procrastinating, messiness, and disorganization in your home and life, make it a promise you'll be able to keep. If that means starting out slow, make it a step by step process. Step one may be to wake up everyday half an hour early to answer emails. Vow to be in bed by 10. Next, you may get into the habit of hitting the treadmill for 45 minutes three times a week. Maybe Sunday may become your cleaning and errand day.

Use a planner and be consistent with it. Write down everything each day that should be done, from RSVP-ing to that upcoming party to tomorrow's meeting to stopping by the dry cleaners after work. Everyday, check what you have written down for that day when you wake up. If you have a visualization of the tasks at hand, you'll be more likely to plan around getting them finished. If plans have to change, don't forget about the things that need to get done. Rather, reschedule them for another date and time. It sure feels good to cross things of your to-do list, just you wait.

Besides working on creating an organized, daily routine, it's important to have your living space in shape too. At home, everything should have a place. We waste time and energy looking for things that have mysteriously disappeared. Ain't nobody have time for that!

Lastly, stick to it! Slip ups happen, but falling back deeply into bad habits and unhealthy routines are hard to bounce back from. We believe in you!

Any other tips to consider?