Organize Your Closet With These Five Essentials

If your closet is anything like ours, it's probably in desperate need of an overhaul. But fret not, now is the time to get organized. Glam checked in with Beth Brodsky, who is the president and founder of B Organized, LLC, to get her tips and tricks on bringing order to your abode. According to the New York-based professional organizer, these five essentials will help declutter your closet and your life:

1. Dress Protectors: I keep all of my formal wear in the back of my closet in protective bags so when I go to wear them I don’t have to worry about them being dirty or dusty. I use the clear bags so I know exactly what is in each bag.
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2. Clear Shoe Boxes: Uniformity is key! I like to take photos of my shoes and put them on the outside of each box so its easy to put shoes away and find them later. These boxes can also be used to organize a million other household items.
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3. Shelf Dividers: These are perfect for keeping your purses, pants and sweaters in order. Handbags are always an organizational challenge, but I find standing them up on a shelf works best.
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4. Bins, Bins, Bins: Labeled bins are a must! Especially if you share a closet. Use separate bins for socks, undergarments, pantyhose, hats, and other miscellaneous items that may not have a home.
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5. Uniform Hangers: Using the same hangers will instantly give your closet a neater and tidier appearance. My personal favorites are Huggable Hangers, which enable you to maximize your space.
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