Oscar de la Renta Doesn’t Consider Himself an Icon


Oscar de la Rentadoesn’t consider himself an icon despite former Secretary of State and good friendHillary Clintoncalling him one and hosting a retrospective of his work at the Presidential Library in Arkansas.

“I’m not an icon,” the Dominican fashion designer told Bergdorf Goodman’s Linda Fargo during an interview for Gotham magazine. “That was Hillary’s idea.”

It was also Hilliary’s idea to keep her hair long when ODLR suggested she cut it. “She said she couldn’t do it then because when she arrived in a foreign country and asked for a hairdresser, Homeland Security would have to check the person out.”

So, it’s Homeland Security’s fault that Clinton favors scrunchies? The other Clinton, former president Bill Clinton favors Hillary in something else—Oscar de la Renta’s pieces. Bill would comment how great Hillary looked whenever she wore one of the former Balenciaga employee’s dresses, as do we, much more so than scrunchies.