Oscar Falls for Instagram


If you’re following OscarPRGirl on Instagram—and really, who isn’t?—than you’ll be privy to Oscar de la Renta’s fall campaign weeks before the September glossies hit newsstands!

This is a new initiative where OscarPRGirl, Erica Bearman, the senior vice president of global communications, will first post the pictures to her Instagram account before the campaign is shared on ODLR’s Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. The innovation doesn’t stop there though. Once the campaign is live on the brand’s social media channels, customers can shop the ad on OscarDeLaRenta.com.

“One can measure clicks and see how much the cash register rings,” Alex Bolen, Oscar de la Renta’s chief executive officer told Women’s Wear Daily. “Are we making decisions based on that today? Yes. Is it at this point a radical departure from past practices? No. But could experiences like this, if they are successful, lead to big changes? Absolutely.”

We can’t wait to see what big changes are on the horizon as well as the campaign featuring models Kate Boguscharskaia, Patricija Motiejunaite and Iris Van Berne wearing costume jewelry (priced at a very shoppable $110).