Painting with Claire Danes

Valspar paints has partnered with Claire Danes to launch its new Hi-Def Advance Paint System. We caught up with the Emmy nominated actress at Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall, where she tried her hand at painting. Glam chatted with the star about her latest venture into home d├ęcor and the last movie she saw and adored. ~Daniella Asantewaa

So, what made you decide to venture into interior design? And why Valspar?
Well, they have a great new product that I'm eager to use myself! I am literally painting my new house right now. So that's convenient and rather timely. But, I also really value their work with United States artists. It's a difficult time right now economically, and artists need all the support and advocacy they can get.

Definitely. You mentioned you have a new home. What colors are you looking at for your chic new abode?

Well, I mean I grew up in a loft where we didn't have any rooms. So this is really novel now because not only do I have stairs but I have different rooms on each floor. I think I'm going to paint the library a deep red, which is the boldest choice we've made so far! But, I think we're just taking it room by room. We're not going by a specific theme. No major uniform overhaul!

That's awesome! So, are you working on any new projects or collaborations that we should look out for?
I don't know what I'm doing next in terms of acting; that's to be determined.The next weeks are bound to be exciting…just playing house and being wifey!

What was the last movie that you saw and loved?
The last movie I saw was the Kids Are All Right. No… actually it was the Joan Rivers documentary.