Pamella Roland Fills A Void With New Line, Pamella


It’s always refreshing when designers create clothes not for the models walking down the runway, but for us—real, live women—and Pamella Roland is the most recent designer to take her focus from the runway to the “real way.” Her newest line, Pamella, made its debut at Lord & Taylor stores to fill a void that Roland feels wasn’t being addressed. “We talked to different department stores and people and we said, ‘What’s missing?’ and they said this was missing,” she shared with us. What is “this,” exactly? It’s a line of fun and affordable dresses and gowns geared towards young women.

For Roland, this line is about giving young women dresses that’ll make them feel like a million bucks without spending anywhere near that kind of money. “[With] this collection, I can really listen to the customer more and not worry so much about the trends and all that. I can really, really talk to my customer,” Roland said. “You see sometimes on the runway, people go, ‘Who would wear that?’ I tend to not really do that too much—I go with what my customer will want but I had to get in with it to become a little more trendy.” There’s no question that Pamella is made up of wearable dresses that lend a nod to trend, making them the perfect frocks for a special occasion. You can snap up one of her creations in stores or at