Pantene Wants You to Stop Apologizing



Pantene’s latest commercial sets shampoo aside to ask a much bigger question: “Why are women always apologizing?”

A new video released by the haircare brand depicts some all-to-familiar scenarios: women leading with the word 'sorry' in daily instances that they should have nothing to be sorry about. Whether they're asking questions during business meetings, taking up an armrest, or simply reaching for the covers, Pantene wants women to know that there's no need to apologize.

The video is part of the brand’s Shine Strong campaign that kicked off with the viral hit “Labels Against Women.” Pantene has even created a fund to provide education and resources to help overcome bias and sexist stereotypes and celebrate strong women around the world.

Is the word “sorry” top on your list of daily phrases? Don't let it stop you from shining. Sorry, not sorry!