Pantone Predicts What Colors You’ll Need in Your Closet Come Fall 2013


We hope you aren't sick of green yet.

Following up on emerald's moment in the color spotlight, the Pantone Color Institute released the top ten colors for men and women this fall and can you guess what hue is at the top of the list for women? Deep Lichen Green–a mix of khaki and olive. Executive director, Leatrice Eiseman described how all the shades in the top ten work together by saying, “If you ever walked into the forest or the woods when the leaves have fallen, there is such a gorgeous mèlange of color. This palette reflects those wonderful fall colors but at the same time there are colors that bring a certain sturdiness and structure.”

The other colors that make up the top ten–in addition to Deep Lichen Green–are:

Acai, a burgundy-ish purple, Emerald, a bright green, Mykonos blue, a calming medium blue, Turbulence, a charcoal gray, Samba, a fiery red, Linden Green, a mix of green and yellow, Carafe, the color of fresh coffee, Koi, a bright orange and lastly, Vivacious, a rich pink.

With the Fall 2013 collections just days away from their debut, we simply can't wait to see our favorite designers merge these colors throughout their collections come Fashion Week!