Party Report: Celebrating “House of DVF” at the House of DVF


THE PARTY: Cocktail party celebrating E!’s upcoming show, House of DVF

THE PLACE: Diane von Furstenberg’s 5th floor impeccably decorated office, atop her Washington Avenue flagship store and headquarters

THE DEETS: “Iconic” just might be the only word that can accurately describe von Furstenberg and her empire—an empire that occupies physical space in New York’s Meatpacking District, but spans so much wider than that. Simply being in that space—her space—is at once overwhelming, thrilling and inspiring…which gives you an idea of how the contestants on House of DVF felt when filming for the new series began.

An intimate cocktail party celebrating the upcoming show (fueled by dainty passed hors d’oeuvres and champagne, of course) quickly turned into DVF’s own personal live show as she grabbed the microphone and addressed the room. She sat, legs crossed, on her office table as she spoke to the process of filming a television series and just why she agreed to a project like this. Insisting that “nothing was scripted [and] absolutely everything was real,” von Furstenberg’s new show puts her company and her process on full display. Additionally, it gives young girls the opportunity to learn about the fashion industry from all points of view. She gushed about the contestants and spoke to the positive relationships she established with each one.

With a completely unintentional dramatic air, von Furstenberg also touched on what it was like to be on camera herself. Recalling Michael Eisner’s (her husband, Barry Diller’s, close colleague) suggestion years ago that she be an actress, von Furstenberg said, “Well, I never turned out to be an actress but at the end—at the autumn of my life—I have the best role, which is…I’m playing myself. And I have to tell you that to play yourself is very funny. And it’s great because you don’t need a writer, you don’t need a director, you don’t need anything. You just…are you.” It turns out that Eisner was definitely on to something—her casual hair flicks and luxurious accent made her speech something of an awe-inspiring performance. But, truly, that’s makes DVF such an icon: she has the attitude of a movie star, a bullish sense of determination, a lifetime of travel and experience and incredible smarts to match.

Tune in to House of DVF on November 2 on E! to see it all for yourself.