Party Report: Phillip Lim for Target Launch & Shopping Party


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THE PARTY: Phillip Lim for Target Launch & Shopping Party

THE PLACE: Spring Studio

THE DEETS: What began as a calm and relaxed beauty moment quickly turned into a shopping frenzy as Phillip Lim for Target hit shelves for the first time! Before heading into the launch party, select editors were invited to a primping and preening opportunity with Pixi makeup and Umberto Beverly Hills hair products. After our tresses were tamed and eye makeup touched up, we were escorted upstairs where all patience was thrown to the wind. In a matter of moments, the handbag section was depleted and shoppers quickly turned to the clothing department. Incapable of keeping up with demand, staffers could barely make it past the back room of storage before shoppers were begging for items out of their hands. Once they were satisfied wit their finds, they faced a twisting and turning line, with no sight of a register for at least 45 minutes. Inside the party, the man of the hour was grinning and posing, clearly pleased with the immediate success of his collaboration. In between the madness, Jessica Alba made her way through the crowd for a quick hello, before escaping. Though the limited selection of the collection available for sale during the shopping event was long gone in only a matter of minutes, the line to enter the party kept going and going late into the night.