Party Report: Sally Hansen Find Its #IHeartNailArt Sweetheart


THE PARTY:Sally Hansen’s#IHeartNailArt Grand Finale

THE PLACE: The Blue Room at The Gansevoort Park Hotel

THE DEETS: Tuesday night saw the culmination of the Sally Hansen’s #IHeartNailArt competition, which put thousands of nail enthusiasts’ skills to the test with monthly challenges. The five finalists, Nina Park, Mackenzie Manolache, Lishelle Simpson, Galdina Jimenez, and Azusa Sakamoto, took to their places against a table filled with nail polishes of every hue; nail pens, glitter, and more to create immaculate designs in a timely manner. The finalist were challenged to first create a cityscape and the second had them interpret an amazing getaway on their tips with just half an hour each challenge to sketch, paint, and cleanup. Sally Hansen’s resident nail ninja Tracylee, Glam’s Executive Editor Nola Weinstein, Chalkboard Nails creator Sarah Waite, and the Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine, judged the looks on complexity, color, cleanliness, and speed. After a very tough decision, Jimenez came out on top, winning the $2,000 and the title I Heart Nail Art Sweetheart, with detailed designs on her digits that would inspire envy all over Instagram. Congrats, Galdina!