Party Report: Samantha Bee Shares the Truth with Dove


THE PARTY: A celebration of April Truth Day, and the close of Dove’s Truth Files


THE DEETS: Tuesday night, The Daily Show’s “Most Senior Correspondent,” Samantha Bee served up the (sometimes ugly) truth about her style and fashion overall to a crowd of editors and Dove fans as part of April Truth Day. Bee spent the past few weeks investigating the difference between Dove’s Deep Moisture body wash and soap compared to others, finding they deliver moisture without stripping the skin. Guests were able to see the truth about body washes and soap through scientific demonstrations and sharing their personal truths in a photo booth and receive clues about their future from the Truth Tellers while sipping delicious cocktails like The Truth Serum and Care-tini, complete with dove-shaped garnishes. Unfortunately, no games of Truth or Dare were started!