Party Report: Satiating Our Foodie Appreciation with Chef


THE PARTY: American Express & the Tribeca Film Festival Celebrate the Premiere of Chef

THE PLACE: PDT, followed by BMCC Tribeca PAC

THE DEETS: In a perfect marriage of events and experiences, American Express and the Tribeca Film Festival honored the premiere of Jon Favreau's Chef, beginningwith an evening of artisanal cocktails and light bites at PDT in the East Village. As a founding partner and dedicated sponsor of the Festival, American Express offers its card members access beyond belief – including prime tickets to the premiere of a food inspired film fest.

Before settling in to the film, Glam had the distinct opportunity to sip drinks stirred especially for the American Express Centurion Lounge by famous mixologist Jim Meehan, which he pairs perfectly with a menu designed by Scott Conant in Las Vegas and Dean Fearing in Dallas. With options ranging from his version of a Pimms cup to the spicy Tex Mex, Meehan's successfully provided American Express card holders with an array of libation options. We know because had the pleasure of sipping each of the four varieties.

After satiating thirst and hunger, revelers moved from the speakeasy to a showing of the hilarious and hunger inducing film. Inspired by Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, Favreau found his footing in food and set out to the tell story of a chef who lost his way. Through a combination of mouthwatering food shots and an innovative soundtrack created by a DJ, the film easily transports viewers into the kitchen, feeling and tasting every emotion alongside the cast. Clearly, Favreau's made some close friends in the restaurant world, as both Tom Colicchio and David Chang were in attendance at the film premiere, providing their effervescent approval.