Party Report: The Big BG “Holiday on Ice” Window Reveal


THE PARTY: Bergdorf Goodman’s Window Reveal


THE PLACE:Bergdorf Goodman, 754 5th Avenue

THE DEETS: As dancers cascaded down the side of the historic Bergdorf Goodman building, New Yorkers couldn’t help but stop and stare at the spectacle. And it was all in the name of holiday spirit, as the historic department store presented its 2013 windows, titled “Holidays on Ice.” The event was hosted by Bravo’s Andy Cohen, with Linda Fargo by his side for the big reveal.

Brooklyn-based dance company STREB Extreme Action Company performed an original and awe-inspiring piece that was choreographed by Elizabeth Streb. Her goal was to “provoke any sense of wonder in [the audience] by just being so high over their heads and throwing glitter down on them.” And wonderful it was, especially as the performance, which featured five dancers walking down the side of the building (assisted by a system of pulleys and harnesses), culminated in the dropping of the curtains to reveal the window spectacle.

For David Hoey, Bergdorf’s Senior Director of Visual Presentation, decorating the windows was all about capitalizing on and staying true to this year’s theme. “We picked a theme that would provide the opportunity for surprise. We decided to do [more than] just the usual December and January holidays, so it’s sort of like holidays in revue. The twist is that they’re all icy and snowy and frosty. So, we took a year’s worth of holidays and re-imagined them as frozen dioramas.”

The holidays featured in the 2013 windows include Arbor Day, Fashion in the Fourth of July, April Fool’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve and Groundhog Day. They might all be different holidays that fall at different times in the year, but the windows do have a couple of things in common: the incredibly intricate details and picturesque backdrops, not to mention some of the most opulent fashions that Bergdorf’s has to offer.

See the spectacle for yourself until January 6, 2014.