Pat McGrath Schools Us on Dolce and Gabbana’s Must-Haves for Summer

British makeup artist Pat McGrath is one busy woman.

Between creating stellar looks for runway shows all over the globe, perfecting model's faces in your favorite high-fashion ad campaigns, and collaborating with Dolce & Gabbana and CoverGirl on new cosmetic launches, the masterful makeup maven always manages to find a bit of time to spend with a few of her favorite beauty editors to share her top tips for the upcoming season.

We recently had an intimate chat-and-chew with McGrath at Saks Fifth Avenue to discuss Dolce & Gabbana's newest launches—Italian Summertime Collection and the beyond amazingAnimalier Bronzer, inspired by their sexy signature leopard print.

On Who She Thinks This Season's Dolce & Gabbana Girl Is: “She's either fresh and fragile (Italian Summertime), or dangerous and sexy (Animalier).”

On the Many Ways to Wear Blush: “There are so many different ways—about seven! It really depends on the shape of your face. If your face is fuller, you can use blush as a contour. If you have pronounced cheeks, use a touch on the front of the cheeks. There's a warmth that comes out if you put it on the eyes and cheeks at the same time. Apply it in a C-shape, or straight, or on the apples, temples, chin, and skin. Working your blush as a bronzer gives it a little life.

On Perfecting a Strong, Groomed Brow: “After tweezing and grooming the brows for the perfect arch, we use eyeshadow powders to fill in any spaces, plus an eyebrow pencil to feather. Use two or three colors—hair is not always one tone.”

On How to Get Bold, Lush Lashes: “It's all about having mascara on the bottom and the top. Comb through your lashes first so that you have a full set of separated, gorgeous lashes. Then back the brush onto the lashes to get them a bit weightier; spider-y but still clump-free.”

On How She Uses Animalier: “Once you smudge on your eyeshadow or pencil, by adding the bronzer on top you get a slight gold hint all the way around the eyes to make it look much better and gorgeous. And whenever I use a bronzer, I always love it on the temples, below the cheekbones, across the chin, along the decolletage, on the shoulders, and brushed onto the upper arms—it works beautifully.”

On How to Master the Lip Stain Look: “You can put on red lipstick and tissue it off. I do a lot of lips with my fingers, so that it looks much more natural and very sexy.”

Shop the Italian Summertime Collection; prices range from $20 to $59. For more information on the limited edition Animalier Bronzer, $50, visit