Pat McGrath To Launch Her Own Makeup Line?


“When a beauty trend is happening on the runway, 90% of the time Pat is behind it,” Sarah Brown, Vogue’s beauty director told Women’s Wear Daily regarding one of the most prolific makeup artists around, Pat McGrath. Bold words like those are most deserved of the cosmetic conjurer.

The Global Cosmetics Creative Design Director of P&G became the June cover girl (get it?) of the trade’s Beauty Inc. McGrath has had an obsession with makeup since she was small, as she toted around a filled makeup trunk by the age of seven. But with all of her worldly experience, could her own line of cosmetics be in her future? “Maybe soon,” McGrath told the magazine. “I’d love to do my own line in the future.”

The makeup maven has everything it takes to build a massive beauty empire! Through her post at P&G, she puts the trends she sets into practice for Max Factor, Dolce & Gabbana the Makeup, and Cover Girl, including product demos, how-to’s, in-store appearances, product development feedback, and pitching in ideas for ad campaigns.

She also has every big European designer, fashion director, and beauty director in her contacts list who all love her range of looks, providing her with ample exposure for her brand. “What sets Pat apart is her enormous variety and range,” said Grace Coddington. “She can turn her hand to anything, from no makeup to almost stage makeup. She attacks whatever it is with the same vigor and enthusiasm. That is why she works for absolutely everybody. She works on every show. I don’t know how she does it.”

But her biggest asset is her vision! Stylists and editors alike see her passion as she finds inspiration everywhere. Guido Palautouched on McGrath’s traveling library, a series of up 15 large duffels filled with books from art, photography, tattoos, photo albums of her past work, and much more. i-D’s Terry Jones talked of her fascination with makeup cues of older London ladies, but it's her travels that provide her with the most food for thought. “I walk into the most incredible fashion houses and see the most incredible things—new technology, new ideas, new music. Incredible lighting, new girls,” she says. “Maybe it’s a feature on a girl, maybe it’s her mouth, maybe it’s her eyes. It’s like an energy that just happens because of what you’re faced with. It’s almost like a puzzle.”

With her on-the-go lifestyle though, her line might have to wait. “I’m a busy girl, you know? I work with a lot of amazing brands. Every day my life is nonstop. It’s challenging and exciting,” she explained. There is always space in the market. Women never stop needing new ideas—there is a lot of space for new ideas and new products and different approaches.”