Paul Andrew Wins The Top Prize at the 11th Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards


CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner Paul Andrew told that he plans to put his prize to good use: a footwear revolution, of sorts, that results in a comfortable high heel. The footwear designer came out on top at the CFDA/Vogue Awards, which was held on Monday evening at Spring Studios, with Eva Fehren jeweler Eva Zuckerman and knitwear designer Ryan Roche receiving the runners-up prizes.

Stella McCartney served as the evening’s keynote speaker and was introduced by Seth Meyers. Deciding on a winner and runners-up for this years award proved difficult for the fund, as the designers’ crafts differ so drastically from one another. As Ken Downing of Neiman Marcus put it, “It was truly judging apples to oranges to bananas to kiwis to cucumbers, because none of them are similar in any way. Each one of the designers is very different in their aesthetic and very different in their approach to what they do, which actually make it sort of hard.”

Other finalists included Brett Heyman of Edie Parker, Wes Gordon, Grant Krajecki and Natalie Levy of Grey Ant, Daniel Corrigan and Jake Sargent of Simon Miller, Matthew Orley, Alex Orley and Samantha Orley of Orley, Tanya Taylor, and Gigi Burris of Gigi Burris Millinery.