Peep This DryBar Diorama!


Peeps is getting in on the beauty biz this Easter, but not in the way you’re thinking!

Drybar recently opened a location in Washington D.C. and to celebrate the salon’s arrival, Barbara Martin and Erin McCahill created a space where bunnies of all hair textures could nab a classic Cosmo, Southern Comfort, and more. It also features darling details like a tiny Céline bag; stocked styling product in the form of Pez and hard candies; and even copies of The Washington Post for Peeps to read while they wait!

The entry was part of the iconic candy company’s annual diorama competition, pitting crafters creativity from around the country, where the tiny marshmallow bunnies and chicks are incorporated into a little scene. Some of the other adorable entries created scenes from an L.L. Peep ad, 50 Years of Bond, and even the Life of Peep!

But we must say, this Drybar diorama stands out a hare above the rest!

Photo by Allix Wright