Personal Style 101: Sporty Chic


Just because you have a sporty side doesn’t mean you don’t want to be chic. In fact, right now the athletic look is having a real moment in the fashion world. The days of having to wear 5-inch heels to be stylish are gone. Even the fashion elite have been seen walking around town in a pair old school sneakers and other sporty paraphilia. You too can be sporty chic by simply adding a few key ingredients into your wardrobe.

What you’ll need:

  • Stylish pair of sneakers
  • Fashion-forward baseball cap
  • Letterman style jacket
  • Pair of sweats (yes, I am condoning sweats!)

Shoes by Adidas // Hat by Neil Barrett // Jacket by Lulu & Co. // Pants by Alexander Wang

  1. Swap out for sneakers. 9 times out of 10 (in your normal kicking around town clothes) you can swap our your heels for a pair of sneakers. This simple switch will take you from a glamazon to a sporty-fashion chick.
  2. Pretend your sweatpants are real pants. Normally I wouldn’t ever give the advice to wear sweatpants as real pants but these days it can be done. Pair a chic pair of sweats with heels, a tee, and a leather jacket for a pulled together sporty look.
  3. Never under estimate the power of a graphic tee. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made was a 1978 vintage adidas tee. I’ve worn it with a sequin jacket, a blazer, and with a black patent leather skirt. Talk about sporty chic.
  4. Keep the ratio right. You definitely want to avoid going too sporty with your look because then you lose the chic. Keep the sporty elements to a minimum; one or two elements per look will do the trick.