Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne Star in Chanel Short Film


Just in time for Chanel’s Metiers d’art show in Salzburg comes Karl Lagerfeld’s accompanying short film called “Reincarnation,” which stars none other than Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne.

The film reenacts an episode of Gabrielle Chanel’s life, when she vacationed at an Austrian resort in 1954 and became enamored by the jacket worn by the hotel’s elevator operator. That jacket went on to become the unmistakable and iconic “Chanel jacket.” In the film, paintings of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and one of Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria, come to life in a dream—played by Williams and Delevingne. Williams composed an original song (“CC The World”), which he and Delevingne sing (yes, she sings) as they float gracefully through the hotel lobby.

The short film runs about seven minutes total, and will make its official debut on December 1 (one day before the Paris-Salzburg fashion show). Why a short film, might you ask? To Lagerfeld, who has made these movies to accompany Chanel’s Metiers d’art shows since 2008, said, “It’s a modern way to communicate. I like to do very short movies. I have no time and no patience to do a feature film. After two days, I want to do something else.” Watch the teaser below for a quick glimpse of “Reincarnation.”

UPDATE: Watch the film in its entirety!