Pillows That Purr…and Woof!

Designer Ross Menuez has partnered with Areaware to devise with a brilliant way to incorporate a pet into your living space minus the threat of mucking it up with furballs, fleas, or straight-up slobber. The newest additions to Menuez’s Fauna Collection of Victorian-inspired printed animal pillows, cushions, and play things are simply adorable; each possesses its own humorous little personality. Choose from the disgruntled-looking French Bulldog, the inquisitive Tabby Cat, the “I didn’t do it” Shorthair Cat, the boy’s best friend Golden Retriever, the trying-to-talk Labrador or the fluffy-faced Persian Cat to breathe colorful life onto your couch. The graphics on these mini cushions are based on the first mass-produced images from 19th century illustrations. Whether you have a pet, want a pet, or want a pet without the responsibility, Menuez’s cushions can add almost as much of a sense of humor to a room as a real-life cat or dog.

Available at Areaware.com for $40.00 each.