Pilot Season: Chloë Sevigny Talks Her ‘Glamourous’ Amazonian Role


In its push to take on Netflix in the original programming arena, Amazon is going chic… with a little help from Chloë Sevigny.

The fashion icon—and original It-girl—will star in Amazon’s new pilot, The Cosmopolitans, helmed by director Whit Stillman and co-starring Adam Brody, Dree Hemingway, and Carrie MacLemore. Known for his portrayals of the “urban haute bourgeoisie,” Stillman’s new series will focus on American expats who are obsessed with Parisian life and style. “It’s a very admirable culture, and people want to identify with it,” he said in an email to Vulture. “They don’t want to be an American leaving steps in the sand that will be washed away.” Really ask yourself: who wouldn’t want to be Carine Roitfeld?!

In the August 11 issue of New York Magazine, Sevigny and Stillman met at a café to discuss this real life-to-reel world phenomenon, Sevigny’s own love affair with the City of Light, and why this is her most glamorous role to date.

Sevigny on charting new waters:
“This is the most glamorous character I’ve ever played. Finally! After 20-something years in the business, I’m a fashion journalist!”

Stillman on how The Cosmopolitans pilot can stand on its own:
“It’s supposed to be open-ended so people want more episodes. But I think it works fine—if this is the only thing we get to do, it will be nice. It’s sort of Metropolitan meets Barcelona in Paris… with some Last Days of Disco thrown in.”

Sevigny on her favorite Parisian shopping:
“I love the vintage store Come On Eileen. They have inexpensive Gaultier and Alaïa, not like Resurrection prices.”

Stillman explains why Paris is the perfect setting for the show:
Metropolitan [Stillman’s debut film] spoke about UHBS… the urban haute bourgeoisie. Paris is the world capital for this group, the expat community especially. Pack a blazer or suit. You can be an American or an En­glish-man or Canadian and be a Parisian… For Americans, Paris has long been the mecca (or refuge) for those either looking for romance or fleeing broken ones. When such choices don’t go well, the loneliness can be particularly severe.”

Sevigny on how she adapted the French accent and vernacular:
“I studied with a doctor in Paris. He works with children with speech impediments and opera singers. He teaches your ear how to hear certain sounds. I would listen for hours on headphones to French children singing nursery rhymes.”

The Cosmopolitans pilot will debut on Amazon on August 28.