Pink Sands Offers a New Take On Tans

Though we’ve been incredibly busy mourning the end of summer, we’ve got our eye on a little glimmer of hope that’s tucked away in Manhattan's East Side. It’s not exactly a secluded island with beaming sun and crystal clear water but a visit to the Pink Sands Airbrush & Tan Salon in the Big Apple will result in the sort of glow that screams, “I just spend a week relaxing on a Caribbean beach.” Pink Sands uses the Infinity Sun Multi-Treatment System to deliver a flawless tan that lasts for 7-14 days without any exposure to harmful rays. The Infinity Sun technology atomizes the treatment lotions into fine mists, yielding a customized tan and if you can't make it to the salon, you can try out the brand's high-quality skincare at home.

Based in West Hollywood, Infinity Sun is favored by celebrities for delivering the perfect sunless tan. Now, the East Coast has access to year-round fabulous color, too. Pink Sands is the first sunless-only tanning salon in Manhattan, and come October, we’ll be running over there for a mid-fall spray-cation.

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