Pippa Middleton Breaks The Silence in Her First Television Interview


Pippa breaks the ice! The beautiful sister of Duchess Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton, finally appeared in a television interview with Matt Lauer of the TODAY Show. This is the first interview she's done in her three years of being in the public eye. Looking radiant in a white blouse, Middleton certainly did not disappoint as she spoke about her thoughts on the royal wedding, fame, and her charity bike ride across America.

One of her more surprising confessions was that, for Pippa, the royal wedding was just “a family wedding.” And while we remember the nuptials as the greatest and most epic of our time, she confessed she did not “realize the scale of it until afterwards.”

Of her form-fitting Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress that got the whole world talking, she said, with a shy smile, “It was completely unexpected” and that “the dress was supposed to be a little bit insignificant” and “really just blend in with the train.” She has revealed that the dress is “still in [her] wardrobe at home” and she plans to bring it out to show her future children.

Of course, since the royal wedding, Middleton has been catapulted to the height of fame, something that she claims has been challenging. She admitted the lack of privacy made things rather difficult, saying, “wherever I go, someone might spot me, and for good or bad, it means I don't entirely relax.” She has also revealed that sometimes she has felt “publicly bullied when [she] read[s] things that clearly aren't true.” However, her method of dealing with the negative publicity was rather positive: “It's just trying to be yourself and to make decisions based on what I feel is right and wrong.”

Her fame has had its upsides too, as Middleton spoke on the “amazing opportunities and access to things that [she] necessarily might not have access to.” One of these things was her charity bike ride, Race For America, across 12 states in America, spanning 3000 miles in just six days. The bike ride was to raise money for two charities–The British Heart Foundation and the Michael Matthews Foundation, which raises money for childhood education. She said of America, “I love it. It's very friendly and welcoming, and we felt that the entire way.” When it got physically tough, she confessed the scenery “lifted our spirits.”

When asked about her plans for her future, Middleton said, “There's so much I want to achieve, and I want to keep up the health and sport thing because that's really important to me,” referring back to her participation in the charity bike ride. She also admitted that her interests lie in “writing, food, and entertaining,” and she wanted to explore those further.

Clearly the younger Middleton sister is as lovely as she looks! We love her dedication to her charity work, as well as her honest and down-to-earth answers about life in the spotlight. For her first television interview, we say she nailed it.

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