Play a Little “Truth or Dare” with Madonna

After spending more than half of her life in the limelight, Madonna, but there's one thing she's yet to conquer: fragrance. Madge's first scent, Truth or Dare, is an olfactory dichotomy that captures the dual nature inherent in us all. Inspired by the gardenia-tuberose aroma that she remembers her mother by, Truth or Dare by Madonna is a modern mix of femininity and mystery. The provocative concoction, developed with perfumer Stephen Nilsen of the acclaimed Givaudan house, contains a rich blend of vanilla, caramelized amber, and musk at the base; mid notes of jasmine, benzoin tears, and white lily petals; and is topped off with her mother's signature gardenia-tuberose blend and added neroli.

The perfume has been years in the making and is bottled in a crisp, white flask that's countered by a gilded top and edgy beading along the perimeter. For Madonna, it captures the essence of honestly accepting the good and bad in us all, along with the daring spirit it takes to accept that truth in the first place.

Available in April exclusively at Macy's stores nationwide and for $24 – $68