Plus Size Motorcycle Chic


Trends may come, trends may go, but biker chic is eternal. The look of black leather is sleek, sexy and classic. Studs and spikes may seem trendy, but to some they’ve been here and they aren’t going anywhere. Few pieces in your wardrobe will be more essential and versatile than a classic black motorcycle jacket. In spring you can rock a black biker jacket over a pretty floral dress to toughen up a feminine look. In fall you can slip a black biker jacket over a light sweater and rock motorcycle boots with leather pants or coated jeans. The look is tough, sexy, sleek and nonchalantly stylish. As a plus sized woman it can be challenging to put that kind of look together, but I’m here to help! Here are some of my top recommendations on where to look for your plus size biker chic essentials.

Simply Be — This UK based retailer has a great range of everything from skater dresses to chic tops. They’ve also got fab outerwear and a whole category devoted to biker jackets. For unusual cuts and shapes in PU, check out Simply Be. Adore their peplum biker jacket BTW!

One Stop Plus — Think of One Stop Plus as a giant online department store for women of all ages (but all plus sized). There are pieces that skew more matronly (or grandmatronly, even), but you can find chic items if you know where to look. Their leather section is great for a variety of leather and suede blazers in a variety of colors. Jessica London usually knows what we’re looking for in that category.

Harley Davidson — Be prepared to be surprised. The original American motorcycle brand also offers a line of authentic, high quality, heavy leather jackets for women up to a size 3X. And they’re stylish, too – check out the Legacy jacket, my personal favorite! I was so pleasantly surprised to find that Harley Davidson makes clothing for full figured motorcycle mamas, and they make super cool biker boots, too.

HSN – Quiet as it’s kept, you can find some really stylish clothes on TV. Home shopping isn’t just for grandmas anymore, and HSN has expanded their fashion offerings to include luxe leather jackets by the likes of Iman and Hal Rubenstein. For soft, touchable leather looks in a variety of cuts and colors, you can get your biker chic on here in sizes up to 3X.

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