Polka Dots Don’t Go Out Of Style

Polka dots are one of those trends that never seems to go out of fashion. It's a timeless print that can be incorporated into your wardrobe during every season of any year. Add one spotted article of clothing or accessory to your outfit, like a dotty blouse or flats, or do polka dots from head to toe. If you're combining dotted separates, just make sure they're in the same color category. A Shah's Life paired a tied cropped top with a high waisted skirt, and while the polka dots on top are of a different size than those on the bottom, the consistency of white spots on a black background is the tying factor.

Celebrities have been rocking polka dots, too, this season. Diana Agron was spotted (ha!) carrying a polka dot Louis Vuitton by Yayoi Kusama bag with a lovely cinched waist dress in the same print by Ani Lee.Bag Snob hunted down the pieces for us. Hobbs tweeted a picture of Taylor Swift in their NW3 Dice shirt dress, which from far away resembles Agron's dotted dress, but is actually covered with tiny dice upon closer examination. In black and white with a cute collar, however, the dress encompasses the same adorable quality as a polka dot dress.

image via A Shah's Life