Portia de Rossi Signs up for Olivia Pope and Associates


Breaking news: sources at the White House reveal that an “arrested” A-lister will be bringing drama to D.C.

Portia de Rossi will join the fourth season of Scandal this fall, ABC confirmed to Variety. Her wife, host extraordinaire Ellen DeGeneres, shared the casting news on Twitter yesterday, saying “So annoying when people brag on twitter & that’s why I’m not tweeting that Portia just signed on to do a top secret arc on ‘Scandal.’ Oops.” Ever bashful, that Ellen. But what do you expect from the woman who broke your timeline?

There are no further details of De Rossi’s “top secret arc” other than she’ll appear in more than one episode. We can bet she won’t be a replacement of sorts for Columbus Short, whose real-life scandals led to his dismissal from the show. (Harrison, you will be missed).

In true form, show creator Shonda Rhimes—who hosted President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama at her Los Angeles home for a fundraiser Wednesday night—remained tight lipped on the matter, responding to E! Online’s inquiry of adding new Gladiators to the show with this (rhetorical?) question: “Were there any Gladiators at the end of the [third] season?” With Olivia Pope escaping OPA with Jake, Harrison’s (presumed) murder, and Quinn running amok, we can’t say there were.

What Rhimes is adding to her ABC empire this fall is a new show. Thursday night will belong to the Shondaland mastermind with an 11th season of Grey’s Anatomy, a fourth of Scandal, and the premiere of How to Get Away with Murder, starring Viola Davis. We’ll be all night.

Scandal, starring Kerry Washington, Guillermo Díaz, Tony Goldwyn, and Bellamy Young returns September 25.