Power Up and Hydrate Brazilian Style With Adriana Lima


While only the right genetics can give you legs for days and eyes that smeyes, consuming the body-nourishing nutrients that lend themselves to a Brazilian model's daily diet is now a reality thanks to the power of São Paulo's latest export, Amazon Beverages. The new drink, which focuses on creating a better-tasting, healthier coconut water beverage by infusing it with tea and vitamin-rich rain-forest extracts, has partnered with Brazilian modelsAdriana Lima, Cintia Dicker, and Emanuela de Paula to bring the brand from the South American jungle to the urban jungle.


“As a native of Brazil, I was taught at an early age about the mind-body benefits provided by these nutritionally rich rainforest superfruits” Lima explains in the drink's press release. “I'm honored to help Amazon Beverages bring the legendary power of these extracts to the American public.” Along with her fellow Amazon Power beauties, Lima acknowledges the deep connection and even sense of nostalgia tied to the blend. Coconut water, along with the rain-forest extracts Amazon Beverages has infused it with, are a part of every Brazilian's diet: guarana for energy, camu camu for vitamin C (it contains 30 times more than oranges!), cupuacu for a sound mind, acai for toxin cleansing, and pfaffia for a strong heart and stomach. These health benefits are, in a sense, a symbolic embodiment of the way Amazon models strive to live day to day: maintaining a healthy and clean body, soul, and mind. And with only 60 calories a bottle, 30 per serving, this great-tasting organic alternative for energy, hydration, and nutrition is even more tempting.

It was only a matter of time before the powerful ingredients of the mineral-rich rainforest found their way onto U.S. soil. Treating the body with integrity through all-natural ingredients has long been the norm in much of Brazil. It may not turn you into Adriana Lima, but we'll take her advice on looking and feeling better any day.