Prabal Gurung Hosts Rachel Zoe’s American Express Runway Show

Prabal Gurung may have completed his work for the season after presenting his Spring 2013 collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, but last night he played host at Rachel Zoe’s American Express Exclusive Cardmembers Fashion Show. Before he picked up the mike and hit the runway with one of his biggest supporters, Glam got to sit down with the designer to chat about his new collection, the possibility of having his own cardmembers-only show, and his feeling on Kate Middleton wearing his work.

What inspired your looks for Spring 2013?
The whole idea of posing freedom and ease to women in the dressing was the starting point for me. That’s why when you look at the collection the clothes are a little bit away from the body. There’s an ease to it – a gentler approach because I have this feeling that what’s happening around the world, especially in America and politics, I think the idea of giving freedom to women sounds very appealing to me. And then there’s Anish Kapoor, who is this artist based in London, who is from India. His works involved all the color palette from dusty grey to cadet blue to reds, and black and white, which was the color story. And as I was looking at his work and being inspired by this beauty and who he was, I realized he was from India and all of that, I wanted to bring that to the clothes. So there’s a lot of layering, a lot of chiffon, and tulle, and that was the idea for it.

How is your aesthetic different being a man designing womenswear as opposed to a man designing menswear?
When it comes to design, good taste is good taste whether you design for a woman or a man. I would like to say for me, I appreciate any kind of design work without any kind of discrimination of race or sexual orientation or any of that; having said that, I’m a designer who absolutely loves women. Women are the most complicated, complex species out there, and for me, anything I can do to make their lives easier and make them feel beautiful, that’s the motivating factor for me always.

On that note, what do you believe defines a woman’s beauty?
For me personally, I think it’s innate. The integrity of a person, whether man or a woman, that’s far more important than the physical self. I truly believe that if you’re an ugly person, it’s going to show no matter what. I think your character, your heart, and purity; I think that’s what it really is. I know it sounds random, but it really is that for me. At least that’s the kind of woman I’m attracted to – someone with substance.

So what do you getting of being a part of an event like this?
I’m a product of support and love from the industry, and American Express happens to be a part of that. Any opportunity to give back is good karma.

What’s the difference between an American Express show and a regular runway presentation?
Besides being at ease, I think it’s more about the consumers, all of the cardmembers. You actually interact with them [and] meet them. I feel like it’s only fair that they should be able to experience what they spend money on.

So do you think that you’ll have a presentation with American Express next season?
I have no idea. I’m just still reeling from Kate Middleton. Did you see it? She just wore [my] dress.

How did you find out about her wearing the dress?
On Twitter, it’s my news source. I got an alert, and I was like “What?” Someone had just said Kate Middleton, and I wondered what was going on, and I woke up, and I was like, “Wow!” It’s surreal!

Since this does mark the end of Fashion Week, how would you describe this season overall?
I think something inventive, something that’s original. I don’t think everyone’s looking for one trend, I think it’s not the world anymore. I think people are literally going out to designers and designer price points like mine, I think people are going there to shop for something they going to be surprised by. Good quality, good design, inventive – I think if there is one [way] to describe New York this season, it would be inventive and risk taking.

*Additional Reporting by Angel Robinson