Pretty and Patriotic 4th of July Nail Art Tutorials


Can you believe it’s already July? From wardrobe wants to beauty buys, we’re looking to show our American spirit any way we can. But there’s no comparison when it comes to nail art!

1. Fireworks!

Fireworks might seem difficult to pull off but can be quite simple as long as you have the right tools. A simple striping polish, glitter top coat, and a rhinestone or two can help you nab this look.

2. Sparkle and Shine

Don’t worry if you can’t pull off some of the more intricate looks; you can still keep things simple yet chic. I recently test drove a manicure with as much dazzle as any fireworks display, minus any pyrotechnics.

3. Skittles

Seeing spots? Good! We love the simple, yet snazzy, look of Polish Obsession’s patriotic manicure. Even if you don’t get dotty on all of your digits, it’s a fun way to add some extra color!

4. Show Your Stripes

Leave it to Nail Art 101 to simplify the stars and stripes so we could wear old glory on our tips (or toes!) With a visual step-by-step and tips to fix up any messes, everyone will want to salute your mani.

5. Home-Made Caviar

We first spotted this look during election season, and it’s still a great way to add a luxe twist on red, white and blue. The Daily Varnish recommends getting some microbeads from your local craft store for your DIY Caviar nail art.

6. Flash-Bang

Here’s a different way to make sparks fly! Nailside has a slew of amazing nail looks but we couldn’t help but be intrigued with her Independence day manicure. The secret to this look? Tape!