Printed Wardrobe Essentials for the Well-Traveled


Anyone who has attempted to coordinate outfits for a vacation or a business trip knows the intricate planning required. To minimize weight and maximize options, there's a delicate game that must be played in order to mix and match. By leaning on prints and accenting with solids to build your travel wardrobe, you'll find it simple to turn one outfit into two, and four into eight or more, lending versatility for last-minute additions to your itinerary. Begin with a bold print on your shirt or dress, then layer with solid colors—either a pair of pants or a blazer. Later in the trip, you'll easily be able to re-wear the print by mixing your layering piece. With a little practice and these print staples, you'll be on your way to mastering printed essentials while scoring a few passport stamps along the way.

1. Mossimo Chiffon Maxi Dress, $27.99

2. Mossimo Cropped Lace Tank, $19.99

3. Xhileration swimsuit, $33

4. Merona Textured Stripe Shirt, $22.99

5. Mossimo Printed Shorts, $19.99

6. Mossimo Crop Top Dress, $29.99

7. Mossimo Lainey Perforated Flats, $24.99

8. Chevron Weekender, $59.99