Problem Solved: For Makeup That Lasts and Lasts

The Problem:
Between crafting the perfect charcoal smoky eye to fashioning a faux flush that looks like it's naturally coming from within, we all know that mastering your makeup is no easy feat. Creating a flawless face takes dedication and time; that's why it blows when your handiwork starts to disappear around lunch… and then melts away completely by the end of the day.

The Solution:
Mist your face with Urban Decay All-Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray. A pump or two of this oil-free, paraben-free mist will set your look for 16 hours straight. That means you can hit the office, the gym, the shops, the bar, and the hay in the same look (though in good conscience, we wouldn't recommend wearing maquillage during the second or the latter…).

To Use:
Shake, spray, and step. (Out the door, that is.)

Available at for $29.

xx, India-Jewel Jackson
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