Quattro Dating Rules to Live By

When it comes to dating, there doesn’t seem to be a gray area, women either love it or hate it. But whether they are enjoying getting out there and playing the field or find it to be a chore, the end goal is the same—every woman wants to find the perfect partner. Last night we attended the launch of Schick Quattro for Women’s TrimStyle, which is a four blade razor and bikini razor in one, to get some dating advice. While the obvious takeaway was that it’s important to be well groomed in case you meet your groom, dating and relationship expert Andrea Syrtash shared these four simple tips to help you kick up your game:

1.Take Risks
To be successful in dating to have to take risks. That means get outside your comfort zone and break your dating pattern. You can’t have intimacy without vulnerability. In dating it’s good to not be in control, it’s ok to be a bit messy.

2.Be Present
Get out of your own head and pay attention to what’s right in front of you. On a first date a guy is looking through his menu thinking chicken or fish and a woman is thinking can I marry him? What would my parents think? What would my friends think? A first date is a first meeting and you aren’t meant to know the future. Syrtash’s litmus test is that you ask yourself two questions: #1: Am I having? and #2: Am I curious to know more about the person in front of me?

3. Be Passionate
The best thing you could do for your life is to love your life. People find you when you are whole, happy, and complete. Be confident and be your best self . Connect with what’s meaningful to you and you will give off a powerful positive energy that is very sexy.

4. Have Fun!
Relationships are work, dating should be fun! If it’s not fun, it’s not working. Dare to be spontaneous and be in the moment. Essentially you should be your vacation self! Don’t over-analyze…just enjoy the ride!

*And most of all surround yourself with people who bring out your best. Because when you are healthy, balanced, and confident, you’re far more appealing!