Rachel Roy Channels Her Inner Vidal Sassoon

Rachel Roy stopped by MoMA Wednesday night for a special screening of “Vidal Sassoon The Movie.” And since Roy sports enviable locks herself, we thought it was the opportune time to ask her to spill some tips and tricks.

What is your hair inspiration?
I am going for the tousled, effortless, slept in look. I am having a free-spirited moment in fashion, so I want that to reflect in my hair.

Favorite go-to looks?
I am a strong believer in a severe bob. And I love a sleek ponytail pulled back.

What are your favorite eras for hairstyles?
For summer I always go to the ‘70s, but it also can work for winter. I love the 1940s for the full glamorous evening look.

Ever had a hair disaster?
Oh, yes! In middle school I was obsessed with Madonna, and Desperately Seeking Susan came out. I got a perm, but I still didn’t feel connected enough to her. So I bleached one chunk of my hair at home and I looked like a skunk. It was pretty silly.