Rachel Zoe Goes Bananas for the new Piperlime Store!

Piperlime, the fashion-forward shopping site, officially opened the doors to its first full-retail location on Wooster Street in NY. Rachel Zoe, who's been picking out her Piperlime faves since the site launched five years ago, chatted with us about the new store and some other “major” moments in her life.

What does the opening of the Piperlime store mean to you?

This is the coolest thing ever! I’ve been working with Piperlime since they launched, going on six years now, so it’s crazy! This is amazing! They’ve done a pop-up before but this is here for good. It’s kind of incredible. It has such great buys and it just looks unreal. I kind of want to move in here ya know? Wouldn’t we all want a great loft on Wooster?

How are you feeling about your upcoming show?

Fashion show or TV show?


TV Show — good! Should be a great season. Lots of love in my company and in my family right now, so that’s good. It’s good times now, which is great! And my [fashion] show — I’m nervous as ever! It’s still very new to me so I’m crazy nervous. I’ve been knee-deep in prepping my collection.

And in honor of the VMAs, what's your favorite music video of all time?

George Michael's Freedom!