Rachel Zoe has got the Hamptons Covered

Rachel Zoe has been a Hamptons fixture for quite some time now. But this season the mega stylist has descended upon the East End with her hubby Roger Berman and their son Skyler in tow. And as if her presence wasn't know, Hamptonsmagazine has put Zoe on the cover of its latest issue, which hits newsstands on Monday, August 8th. Inside, she chatted with friend Nacho Figueras about family, fashion, and fame. Here are a few snippets from the polo player's interview with the power player:

On The Rachel Zoe Project: “I do think the one thing that was great about it is, people had a very inaccurate opinion about who they thought I was for some time, like this very cold fashion person. And I think now they see that I am really a very normal family person who is completely obsessed with fashion.”

What She's Learned From Her Clients: “From someone like Anne Hathaway, I learn a lot about culture and music and arts because she is such a culture rat. With someone like Kate Hudson, she really inspired me to be much more free-spirited and not so planned and controlling. And Cameron Diaz– she is effortlessly cool and very confident in who she is.”

How Being a Mom Changed Her Routine:“It changed in the sense that instead of taking 15 minutes to get ready, I now have about three minutes, so I find that I have to be a bit more practical.”