Rachel Zoe Steps Up Style at ShoeDazzle


Though she’s created an extensive resume, Rachel Zoe’s newest venture has her going back to her roots a bit. The stylist extraordinaire has been named the new Chief Stylist at ShoeDazzle. Zoe will hand-pick of selection of shoes paired with her style guidance in emails to members starting this month, plus you’ll be able to spot the styling star in a commercial as well. The e-tailer has tapped other celebs in the past including Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian, but ShoeDazzle CEO Brian Lee found that members were more interested in Zoe’s fashion advice. “Rachel Zoe was number one on the list by far,” he told Women’s Wear Daily. “There was no second place. I don’t think there is anybody else in the world who understands trends as well as Rachel.” Will you take her ShoeDazzle styling picks for a test strut?