Rafael Nadal Proves Champions Drink Responsibly

Yesterday's earthquake had nothing on Rafael Nadal. As buildings across Manhattan were evacuated, the defending US Open champion caused quite a frenzy at FoodParc, where he made an appearance to promote Bacardi's Champions Drink Responsibly Campaign. Nadal, who has become a social media maven, alerted his Facebook fans and Twitter followers that he would be at the Midtown locale and they came out in droves.

Though most “Rafa” loyalists were relegated to the outdoor bleachers, we had the opportunity to chat with the tennis great and hear his views on responsible partying. Mocktails were served as Nadal chatted about his recent biography, hand injury, and the upcoming Open. After burning his hand at a hibachi table, the athlete assured us that he has not been dining at any Japanese restaurants this week. He also expounded on the merits of having a designated driver, looking out for your friends, and staying healthy and alert on and off the court.

And while we love the campaign images, we are particularly impressed with Nadal's witty campaign quotes. “I'd always tell my friends where the line is” and “I try to beat everyone at tennis, not at drinking” make a winning statement!