Ralph Lauren: Resort 2014


Designer: Ralph Lauren

Inspiration: Rather than looking to exotic destination spots, Lauren was inspired by the urban wonders around his Madison Avenue flagship.

Trends: The show started off with a series of looks that seemed to take inspiration from a ballerina styled for her warm-up routines. Ensembles featuring racer neck stretch dresses, cotton bodysuits, slim leggings, and cashmere wraparound sweaters led the way, each accessorized with a chic beret. The collection then took a turn towards a more practical evening type style, but continued with its sleek minimalism. Lauren’s carefully crafted dresses with floaty sheer and chiffon touches were chic and classic, as were his single button blazer and fitted trouser pairings, completed with a turtleneck or tee underneath. The line also boasted belted coats of multiple materials and floor length gowns with delicately pleated detailing at the waist.

Palette: ballet pink, black, lilac, white, ivory.

Who Should Wear It: Angelina Jolie, Katie Holmes, Victoria Beckham.